How to use browser as notepad.

Browser as Notepad: Use this trick, you can easily turn any web browser window (or tab) into an instant notepad that can write in, copy and paste out of, and even save the file. It even works on mobile browsers. To use a browser as notepad, you have to copy and paste following text into your browser location bar and press enter.

data:text/html, <html contenteditable>
Browser as notepad

Browser as notepad

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Now your browser window is converted into notepad, see the above photo. Now you can use it as notepad and bookmark it for future use. One more thing I’m interested in share with you.  You can save this data as a text file, pdf file or web page.

You can save your data in any format:

If you feel your text content is important and you want to save it, don’t worry about this, it’s also very simple. Just press ctrl + s, and save data as a text file or as a web page(default). If you want to save your browser’s notepad text data into pdf then it also possible in most of the browsers. I am explaining here about firefox and chrome browsers, go to text window and press ctrl+p or choose print option. After that change destination to save as PDF and save it.It’s really simple and cool try now.
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Read also: This smartphone can be used as a laptop and desktop.

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