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You have a non-touchscreen laptop. what if I tell you that can turn it into a touchscreen device. No, you don’t need to be a magician or a computer genius. All you need to plug-in AirBar in USB port. And put the sick at the bottom of your laptop’s screen. And That’s it.

AirBar screenShot - TechnicalDiary.com

AirBar is very Sleek in shape, very simple to use, and very stylish in looking. And the most important thing is it’s hassle free. So you don’t need to be a computer genius to use it. Any normal person can use it for the purpose of their own. All they have to do is Plug-in and start using.

Imagine taking a non-touch laptop, and within seconds making it a touch interactive device. Our sensor does not require installation of new drivers or lengthy instructions. The user simply connects AirBar and can then start to interact with the display immediately – it´s Plug and Touch.
 Remo Behdasht, Neonode’s SVP Business Development.

AirBar is created and presented by Neonode Inc., a Swedish company. Neonode is known for developing some revolutionary sensor-based devices at an affordable price.

Right now the device is only available for laptops. But as the company representative told us they are planning to launch this amazing device for PCs very soon.

AirBar Screen size- Technical Diary

AirBar sizes available – Technical Diary

The device will be available for four screen sizes 11.6″, 13.3″ , 14″ and 15.6″. Currently, it is officially supporting only Windows® (7, 8, 10 versions) and Chromebook. But if you have MacBook you can give a try. Maybe it will work on yours.

The price for this amazing device is just $69. Which is roughly 4500 INR and around 7200 PKR.

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How does AirBar work?

It projects an invisible light field all over the screen with the help of  zForce Air™ technology sensor. The sensor technology is developed and patented by Neonode Inc. All you need to do is put the stick at the bottom of laptop’s screen. Then AirBar projects an invisible light field over the screen.

And when you touch the screen with your finger or with Chop-Sticks or Glove ( as shown in the video). It breaks light wave, which allows you to give the command to your laptop by just sliding your finger etc. The reason you can use anything to touch is that the light field reacts to any disturbance. And it detects the movements very accurately.

The release is scheduled for the first half of 2016. But you can make a pre-order now to make sure you’re first in line.

To make a Pre-Order Click the logo AirBar logo- www.TechnicalDiary.com.

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We will give the full review when our team got the device.
Don’t forget to share your views or suggestions in the Comments below.

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