How to match profile picture and cover?

How-To-Combine-Facebook-Cover-with-Profile-Picture Technical Diary

Profile picture and Cover Photo looks like single one and this is very impressive – Technical Diary

In this article, I am going to explain “how to combine Cover photo with Profile picture in the Facebook“. By this trick you can make cool and stylish Facebook timeline cover for getting more impression from your friends and followers. Just see in above picture, Profile picture and Cover Photo looks like single one and that is very impressive. If you also want to make your Facebook timeline impressive follow this simple and easy guide to proceed.

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Steps To make match Facebook Cover with Profile Picture:

  • Visit the site Ticked out timeline.
  • Now scroll down and click on “Merge Profile and Cover Photo” option on the site.

acebook effect Technical Diary

  • Choose a favorite picture that you want to use as a single picture for your profile and cover photo. Or you can use your current Facebook profile picture to use as a single picture for your profile and cover picture.
  • Now upload the image that you have selected in the previous step.

Upload image Technical Diary

  • After finished the upload you will see an image crop box on right side of the screen and on the left side you will see preview section.
  • Select the part of the image that you want as cover photo and check in the preview section. Just refer below cover Technical Diary
  • Now just click on the “Done” button and wait for few seconds and your cover and profile picture is ready to download.
  • Download Cover photos
  • Now download the both photos, ie profile picture and the cover picture.
  • Now just upload both the pictures in their respective position in facebook account and enjoy.

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If you are stuck any where you can always ask questions in comments where many readers like you hangout to help each other.

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