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I got so many emails and DMs on my Twitter handle to write about SEO. Because SEO is a very vast subject so instead of writing one very long post. I will divide it into few parts which will be easy to understand for everyone. So let’s Start with SEO Basic:∼

SEO Basics - www.TechncailDiary.com

Learn all SEO Basics only on Technical Diary.

What is SEO?

As we all know that SEO stands for (SEO = Search Engine Optimization). But if I want to explain it in very simple way. By SEO we optimize Search engines to show our page, blog, or website at the top slot of user’s search results. Then only we will get more traffic and more money.

How does Search Engine work?

No doubt Google dominates the search engine market. With more that 80% users only use Google to search anything. So, let’s just focus on Google and how it works.

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Google Search result- Technical DIary

In the screenshot (above) when we search “Angular 1 vs angular 2”, Google shows our post at 3rd position on page 1. Not just only that but Google is also showing our page in their Feedback section. Now you all wanna know HOW? Don’t worry and read below for the tricks 🙂

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