Working IRON MAN Suit made by an Indian student

Did you ever dream about wearing an IRON MAN Suit? Yeah, I know the answer we all did. We all dreamt about wearing the suit and pointing our hand to shoot. It was a fantasy for everyone until now. An Indian student Vimal Govind Manikandan and his team turning this science fiction into reality.

Indian student make Iron man Suit - Technical Diary

Indian student Vimal and his team built a fully working Iron Man suit – Technical Diary.

How IRON MAN Suit made by Indian student from Kerala:

Vimal Govind Manikandan from Calicut University, Kerala and he has successfully built a working wearable Iron Man suit using exoskeleton technology. His design is inspired by Hollywood’s famous movies IRON MAN and AVATAR.

Vimal is currently persuing his final year Mechanical engineering from MES College of Engineering, Kerala.

We have already seen some Iron Man suit and the exact replica without machinery. If you want to buy an Iron Man suit you need to spend thousands of dollars and even the replica of Iron Man suits without the machinery can cost you $2-3000 approx.

But Vimal’s IRON MAN Suit is the cheapest working suit till now. The manufacturing cost of this Vimal’s prototype suit is around Rs 50,000/- or approx $750. That’s why it’s making so much buzz in the world of robotic

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Indian Student Built Iron Man Suit- Technical Diary

Just like Tony Stark (from Iron Man movie) Vimal also hope that in the coming future this kind of technology will be useful for the army. The weight of this suit is  100 kgs approx and it can lift up to 150kgs with the help of battery-powered hydraulics. So, it can also be very useful for industrial use and even an ordinary human being can lift heavy things.

Does this Suit fly like Iron Man’s?

No, It doesn’t fly right now. It can only walk and do some hand movements as for now. However, the team is currently working on improving the sensors. This will allow it to perform more sets of commands.

Vimal’s paper on this project was selected from amongst applicants belonging to 13 countries. He was also awarded the first prize at ICMM 2016. The conference was held on the 13th & 14th January 2016 in Singapore.

Vimal Govind receives the certificate at ICMM 2016 (Image courtesy: ICMM). ~ Technical Diary


Watch IRON MAN Suit walking in the video below:~

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  1. Paul Smith says:

    He built iron man suit in just $750. My iPhone7 cost me $830.
    Haha I want that suit right now.

  2. Partiksha Chatterjee says:

    atleast something nice is happening in India. lol

  3. Miranda Shaw says:

    India is progressing towards cheap and best product.
    first spaceship to Mars and now Iron man suit.
    It looks like China will loose its power very soon

  4. Vrushali Gupta says:

    Nice article. It’s very motivational for students like me.
    Keep posting such good article. Loving it

  5. Arvind Kumar says:

    Indians are very capable of doing amazing things if only they are allowed to do what they want to do.
    Our education system is not up to date. Our teachers doesn’t understand anything out of the book. But it’s good to see students are coming forward and showing their skills.

  6. Shatya Sinha says:

    it is really amazing
    am proud to be an Indian

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