How to boost Smartphone battery:- Expert Tips

How to boost smartphone battery

How to boost Smartphone battery? It’s a very common question asked by billions of Smartphone user. Smartphones are part of our daily life now. We took it everywhere with ourselves. And seeing “Low Battery” notification in just 8-9 hours is really Head-ache.

Don’t worry you are at Technical Diary now. And our Mobile Experts are giving you some magical tips. Read below:-↓

Boost your Smartphone Battery

»Keep Display Brightness Low
Put your phone’s brightness as low as you can see your phone’s screen clearly. We suggest you tap the circle and drag it all the way to 0% if it suits your sight.

Reduce Display Brightness

»Change Display Time-Out
Change the Display-Timeout from 2 minutes (default) to 15-30 seconds, Not more than that. If you set 15 seconds then your phone will go to sleep mode after every 15 seconds from when you stop using your phone.

Display Timeout

»Turn-off 4G/3G/2G or Wi-Fi
Just Turn-off 4G/3G/2G or Wi-Fi connections when there is no need to use your phone’s Internet Connection. And also, Turn off Bluetooth and GPS when not in use. It will improve phone’s battery performance life as well as also save you some Money.

Data Connections

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»Remove Apps
Yes, uninstall all those Apps which you are not using from many days or months. Those apps are occupying the phone’s memory and also using RAM’s space.

Remove Applications

»Avoid Heat
All smartphone has a Li-ion battery. And when phone’s temperature exceed 45° C. The Li-ion battery starts draining much faster than usual. So, avoid putting your phone in the direct sunlight for a long time. Also, if you are wearing tight pant, Do not put your phone in pant’s pocket.

Avoid Heat

Caution: Don’t use your phone for long when it is charging. It will heat up and can cause some internal damage to your phone. If you need to use the phone then unplug it and use.

Don’t use a fake charger

»Don’t use a fake charger
If you think that buying a Rs. 50-100 charger instead of a branded Rs. 200-300 charger can save you Rs. 100-150. The local charger can damage your smartphone battery. It can also damage the charging points and other parts or your phone. Those fake chargers are made of low-quality materials which cannot deliver high-end performance.

Don't use fake charger.

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»Use Airplane Mode
When you are traveling to some rural or isolated area, Mobile Network starts playing Hide & seek. And your phone try very hard to catch network signals for you. This process put extra pressure on your phone. In result, the battery starts losing its power quickly. So, whenever you go to such places, put your Smartphone on “Airplane Mode“.

Airplane Mode

»Install Power-Manager App
If you have done all the above methods just as per our instructions. And the performance of your smartphone battery hasn’t improved much. Then we recommend you to download the Snapdragon BatteryGuru app (For android user only) by Qualcomm. The app learns your usage habits and automatically adjusts features on your phone to optimize the battery life.

Snapdragon Battery Saver

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  1. Juhi Perween says:

    Thanks again for one another awesome article.

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    Very useful tips. 🙂

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    Very helpful article…
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    I am using Samsung Galaxy J5 from 2 months. My phone battery discharge very soon. Please help

    • S Sharif says:

      Hi Sameer,
      Your phone (Samsung Galaxy J5) has Li-Ion 2600 mAh battery. In general cases, it should give 18 hr (talk time ) in 3G network. You didn’t mention, how much hours backup your battery giving now. Hope so, above article will resolve your issue, try this first and let us know if you need any other help.

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