10 Google Chrome Extensions you must have

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Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions


This Article is written by  Ansil Karim

1. Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary is on the first position in our Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions list. With this extension, you don’t need to copy and past the word in Google for the meaning. Simply just double-click on any word and it will show you the meaning of that word.

Google DictionaryInstall Google Dictionary

2. LastPass: Free Password Manager

Setting different passwords for different websites is not an issue, the problem is to remember them. LastPass do the hard work for us. It also helps us to create new and unique Passwords. Surely it’s a must have Chrome extension.

LastPass Google Chrome Extension

Install LastPass

3. Blur

On the Internet, you are living in a virtual world where anyone can steal our personal details and ruin your life in real. With the blur, you can manage your passwords (with high-level encryption), secure your online payments and stop companies to track you from your cookies, etc. If you add multi-platform support “Blur” can give complete online protection.


Install Blur

4. Honey

Third on our Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions list is Honey. A very useful extension for those who love shopping online and search lots of websites for discount coupons. Honey will get the coupons for you and also done the deal, in just one click.

Install Honey

5. MightyText

It is very annoying when you are working on your computer and you receive an SMS on your phone. You have to stop your work to check your mobile. With MightyText app, you don’t have to. MightyText sync your phone with your computer. So you can use your phone on your computer.


Install MightyText

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6. StayFocusd

You have an important work to do but your Facebook or other websites are distracting you. what should you do?

Just add StayFocusd in your Google chrome browser. Choose which website you want to block and for how long. That’s all.


Install StayFocsd

7.  Lazarus: Form Recovery

Lazarus is crucial while filling online forms. When you’re filling a form and your browser crashes, Lazarus saves a copy of your form as a backup. And you can retrieve your data when you reopen your browser.

Lazarus: Form Rcovery

Install Lazarus: Form Recovery

8. Momentum

Change your Google Chrome browser’s “New Tab” page into your personal Dashboard. You can create your to-do list and also your main focus of the day. Beautiful photos with inspiring quote will surely cheer you up.


Install Momentum

9. Tab Wrangler

Opening so many tabs can slow down your browser and it also looks very messy. You will need Tab Wrangler to solve this issue. It will arrange and store all your open tabs which you aren’t using for a while.

Tab Wrangler

Install Tab Wrangler

10. Turn Off The Lights

And the last position in our “Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions” is Turn Off The Lights. Desktop light can be very disturbing when watching online video. Turn off the lights dims the background light of your computer to make your eye comfortable. You can also set the color of the background.

Turn Off The Lights

Install Turn Off The Lights


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