10 Amazing hidden features of Google.

We all have been using Google services since we start using the Internet. But still there are many hidden features of Google, which you are not aware of. Don’t worry I pick those 10 Amazing Hidden Features of Google for you.

Google Hidden Features - TechnicalDiary.com

There is no doubt that Google is the most usable services on the internet. And we all use Google countless times in our daily use of Internet. Anything we need to know about we go Google.com and search for it.  But did you know that Google offers you more than just searching. And we can do a lot more fun things on Google than just searching contents?

10 Amazing Hidden Features of Google List:

The Technical Diary team brings you a fun paked list of 10 Amazing Hidden Features of Google.
Check the list below :

1. Use It Like a Calculator

GooGle Calculator - TechnicalDiary.com

You have any math calculation to solve. Type that in google (eg: 8-8+8+8-8-8+8) hit enter and google calculator will show on the screen with your result (eg: 8). It looks simple but it can perform so many calculations. As you can also solve trigonometry or logarithm or finding constants etc. You can also change numbers into binary code using this calculator.

2. Chat With Aliens

Chat with alien- meliza- TechnicalDiary.com

You can enjoy chatting with an alien from Planet Mars on Google Earth 5+. On Google Earth switch to “Mars” and search for “Meliza“. Click on the small robotic icon and you’ll be able to chat with Meliza, a friendly alien from Mars. Enjoy chatting with her but don’t annoy her 😛

3. Google Gravity

Google gravity - TechnicalDIary.com

Go to Google.com and click on Settings ( at the bottom right corner)>Search Setting >Find “Google instant predictions” and Select “Never Show Instant Results” > Click the Save button and OK.

Now when it exit Goggle.com page will open. Type “Google Gravity” in the search bar. Now click on “I’m Feeling Lucky” button. And now feel the gravity. You can pick items with your mouse and throw them in the air again.

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4. Do a barrel roll trick

Do a barrel roll - TechnicalDiary.com

Just type “Do a barrel roll” or “z or r twice” in search box and the screen roll 360° in a circle. For those who are still thinking, what is the “Do a barrel roll” trick from Google. Well, it is an Easter egg program that was introduced by Google in November 2011.

5. Fly Using Google Earth

Fly Using Google Earth - TechnicalDiary.com

One of hidden features of Google Earth is that it lets you fly in a flight simulator. For Windows visit Google Earth and press CTRL + Alt + A . And for Apple MacBook press Command + Option + A . Choose your aircraft beteen F-16 fighter jet and SR 22 airplane. You are all set to test your flying skills, Enjoy flying.

6. Track your Package on Google

Track your package - TechnicalDiary.com

You are expecting a package or you sent a package to someone. And you want to know where your package is. You don’t need to go to the website of the courier company again and again. Now you can monitor the real-time progress of the package on Google. Just enter the tracking number in the search box. And Google will track the package’s real-time location.


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7. Check Flight Status

Check Flight status on Google - TechnicalDiary.com

Why waste your time on visiting Airline’s website to check your flight status. When you can check every details about your flight on Google. Yes you read it right, you can check your flight status on google. In the Google search box type Airline name and the Flight number. And Google will show you all the details of your flight. Use it and save your time.

8. Pronounce Big Numbers using Google

Pronounce Big Numbers -TechnicalDiary.com

Are you having problem in pronouncing big numbers? Don’t worry, Google came to your rescue. Type the number you want google to pronounce in the search box. After typing the number add “=” and then “English”. And Google will pronounce the number for you. Currently, it is working for up to 13 digits and in English only.

9. Play Zerg Rush

Play zerg rush - technicalDiary.com

Type “Zerg Rush” in the search bar and so many “0” shaped easter eggs will start falling. They try to crash down each and every search results and you need to protect it. Use your mouse pointer as a gun and start shooting those “0”. Shoot those “0” quickly to protect your search results.

10. Play “Atari Breakout” (Images)

Atari Breakout - Technicaldiary.com

Atari Breakout Game – TechnicalDiary.com

We all love to play this game in our childhood. Type and search “Atari Breakout” in Google image and wait for few seconds. And you will be able to play the game. Google use their images search results as bricks. And you need to break out those bricks with the ball.

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Enjoy using these Amazing Hidden Features of Google.

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